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Simplify Your Shipping- Your Cheapest Way to Send A Package to Kenya from US

Discover the most cost-effective and hassle-free solution for sending packages to Kenya from the US with KenyaLink Shipping. We specialize in freight consolidation and offer the cheapest rates based on cubic foot measurements. Enjoy transparent pricing, effortless customs clearance, and convenient pickup at our Nairobi warehouse.

Seamless Shipping Solutions- Connect USA to Kenya with Ease!

Experience a smooth and hassle-free shipping journey from the USA to Kenya with our comprehensive range of services. Whether it's Shipping from USA to Kenya by sea, air, or land, we've got you covered!

Sea freight

Seamlessly transport your goods from the USA to Kenya with our reliable sea freight services. Benefit from competitive rates, efficient handling, and secure shipping, ensuring your cargo arrives safely at its destination.

Air freight

: Experience swift and efficient shipping from USA to Kenya with our air freight services. Enjoy fast transit times, priority handling, and reliable delivery for your time-sensitive shipments, ensuring they reach Kenya promptly.

Shipping to Somalia

Extend your Somalia shipping with our reliable and efficient services. Whether by sea, air, or land, we provide comprehensive shipping solutions to meet your cargo requirements in Somalia.

Land freight

Simplify your shipping process with our land freight services, connecting the USA to Kenya seamlessly. Benefit from our extensive network of reliable carriers, efficient transit times, and expert handling of your cargo.

Cost-effective Solutions

Discover the most cost-effective way to send packages from the USA to Kenya. Benefit from our competitive rates, transparent pricing, and flexible options, ensuring you can ship affordably without compromising on quality.

Amazon Shipping:

Seamlessly Amazon shipping to Kenya with our dedicated services. Enjoy hassle-free shipping, efficient handling, and timely delivery of your Amazon packages to Kenya.

Empowering Your Global Shipping Experience

Efficiency in Motion- Unlocking a World of Seamless Transportation Solutions

Experience the synergy of our comprehensive transportation services, including;

From global logistics to local deliveries, we provide efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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About KenyaLink Consolidators- Your Reliable Partner in International Freight

At KenyaLink Shipping, we take pride in being your trusted partner for all your international freight needs. With our specialized expertise in consolidating sea freight to Kenya and East Africa from the USA, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient shipping experience for our valued customers.


Our services go beyond sea freight, as we also offer reliable shipping of cars and SUVs from the USA to East Africa. Furthermore, we provide air freight services from Kenya to the USA, ensuring efficient transportation for time-sensitive shipments.


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Our Process- Simplifying Your Shipping Experience


KenyaLink Consolidators process is designed to simplify your shipping experience, ensuring seamless and efficient transportation of your goods to Kenya and East Africa. From convenient pick-up at our collection centers to expert customs clearance and timely delivery, we handle every step with precision and professionalism.

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Our goal is to bring joy and prosperity to the people we serve. We always offer creative solutions to prepare for logistics challenges in the future

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